”Never let go”

“Never let go” is an A1 cut-paper work by Fiona Scott-Wilson of a child holding onto a mother. “I wanted to explore the sense of loss of my European identity, the loss of unity and protection.”

Fiona Scott-Wilson exhibited the “Strong Woman” series – a larger-scale cut-paper exhibition late last year. Each work tells a story of interdependence and the powerful connection between Europe and Britain that is currently under threat.


Saying No Poster

Fiona Scott-Wilson has created a new poster for the Saying No to Brexit campaign, being made into a placard for the March 25th Unite for Europe march in London. ORDERS are now CLOSED (for March 25th delivery).


You can order a single or double-sided placard (or a pair to save on delivery costs)

Dreaming of Unity

Fiona Scott-Wilson’s new work has been made into a postcard, Dreaming of Unity.

Fiona has sent 200 postcards to the House of Lords cross-bench peers with messages saying:

“Please protect the rights of UK and EU citizens by new amendments to the bill. Stand firm. Our children’s future is in your hands. Please keep Britain in the EU.”

Order 20 postcards

Artist and Designer

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