”Never let go”

“Never let go” is an A1 cut-paper work by Fiona Scott-Wilson of a child holding onto a mother. “I wanted to explore the sense of loss of my European identity, the loss of unity and protection.”

Fiona Scott-Wilson exhibited the “Strong Woman” series – a larger-scale cut-paper exhibition late last year. Each work tells a story of interdependence and the powerful connection between Europe and Britain that is currently under threat.


Dreaming of Unity

Fiona Scott-Wilson’s new work has been made into a postcard, Dreaming of Unity.

Fiona has sent 200 postcards to the House of Lords cross-bench peers with messages saying:

“Please protect the rights of UK and EU citizens by new amendments to the bill. Stand firm. Our children’s future is in your hands. Please keep Britain in the EU.”

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Sassoon Gallery, Folkstone Kent

November 2016 a series of large scale (A1 and A2) cut paper works at Sassoon Gallery, Folkstone Kent featured three artists, Fiona Scott-Wilson plus a British artist and a Spanish artist. The Unity of Europe is broken. It is important to remember the Union of peace and cooperation.

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Peace Rose

My new cut-paper work reflects my feelings of disharmony and division, a sad and critical time in our history. One of six A2 works for an Exhibition in November in Folkstone, Kent. The theme being “Strong Women”.