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Fiona Scott-Wilson trained as a graphic designer at the Linconshire College of Art and Design. She has worked in a variety of mediums including coloured inks, gouache, oils and acrylics. Her style of work ranges from oriental birds and flowers, detailed nature ink illustrations to impressionistic scenes of Mediterranean villages reflecting her time spent in Italy and France.

Fiona is currently focused on developing a unique technique using the medium of cut paper to create a new art form.

Her technique has developed from a simple graphic design style to an intricate and detailed art work, swapping her paintbrushes for a scalpel and paints for thousands of component pieces of coloured paper, every detail crafted by hand, every stem, every petal carefully cut and placed to create complex images of life and nature.

Influenced by Matisse and Japanese Wood Cuts and with a passion for nature, her work is evolving from images of flora and fauna to include figurative scenes of children at play in the natural world.

She produces her own range of cards and prints which are available for sale on her website.

In a recent and exciting collaboration a collection of Fiona’s works have been selected and published by Green Pebble Fine Art Publishing.


April-July 2015 Forest Connections Exhibition in the New Forest Gallery.
May 2015 – Wrotham Art Festival
June 2015 – Michelham Priory
October 2015 – Houghton Lodge
October-November 2015 David Burley Gallery, Birchington-on-Sea
April 2016 – Kennaway House Sidmouth, Devon


Fiona Scott-Wilson

Fiona Scott Wilson

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