Ordering and Payments

When you add items to your shopping cart, the cart will remember them on the browser you are using.

When you are ready to checkout, press the CHECKOUT button, or select the Checkout menu item (or click here!)

You will be asked to register your details, we need to have a delivery address and confirmation of our small charge to cover postage, and at the bottom of the screen, you can enter your payment card details. We accept most forms of recognised credit or debit cards, internationally.

Please note, the payment page and every page of the site is padlocked for your security. In addition, we do not record your credit card details at any stage of the transaction, it is processed by our payment processor 100% securely and when this is successful it will let you know. Your payment details are never recorded and your payment is transmitted with two levels of security (there are no instances of card theft using this system).

And we will then pack and send your goods and let you know by email they are on the way.

Any questions? Leave a comment on this page.

2 thoughts on “Ordering and Payments”

  1. We are not aware of any problems from the ordering system, or registering as a customer using it but if you have encountered difficulty it would really help to know why so we can correct it

    If you can answer any of these it would be most helpful
    1. what web browser is being used?

    2. When you enter your name and address details, any problems?

    3. when you enter your credit card details, does did you enter 12 digits and the expiry date, and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card?

    4. Were there any error messages?

    If you know how to make a screen shot image that shows the difficulty, that may be easier. If you are using a Mac computer it is CMD+SHIFT+3, if you are using a Windows computer, use ALT+PrintScreen (and then CMD+V on a mac or Control-V on a PC to paste the image into your email. These keys are pressed together, all at the same time.

    If in doubt, contact us.

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