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”Never let go”

“Never let go” is an A1 cut-paper work by Fiona Scott-Wilson of a child holding onto a mother. “I wanted to explore the sense of loss of my European identity, the loss of unity and protection.”

Fiona Scott-Wilson exhibited the “Strong Woman” series – a larger-scale cut-paper exhibition late last year. Each work tells a story of interdependence and the powerful connection between Europe and Britain that is currently under threat.


Saying No Poster

Fiona Scott-Wilson has created a new poster for the Saying No to Brexit campaign, being made into a placard for the March 25th Unite for Europe march in London. ORDERS are now CLOSED (for March 25th delivery).


You can order a single or double-sided placard (or a pair to save on delivery costs)

The Riviera Woman

I am thrilled to be the Artist of the Month in The Riviera Woman, a fantastic online magazine by Editor Anna Fill for discerning women. Anna has been presenting and publishing fascinating insights and articles about the lives of people she meets on the Riviera for many years. She has had the vision to create The Britalia Club – organising events for the English and Italian speaking community in Liguria, Italy.

The Riviera Woman

Antibes in cut paper

AntibesI wanted to create a new art form by developing a technique of using cut paper as paint. I By using a scalpel to create minute details as though it were a fine brush.  Gradually a “painterly” image emerged  and the effect was striking.  I  continue to develop this  original method  which you can see in images such as Michelham Priory, Hummingbirds, Sporting Hares, Poppy Girls.

New Forest Project

Fiona has been working on an exhibition project, preparing new works for the New Forest Gallery exhibition.

So far we have seen a series of gorgeous Gouache paintings on paper of bluebells and daffodils invading a spring woodland scene. Then one of her detailed lush overgrown scenes in cut paper – in a new style, imitating paint with thousands of component parts of this striking new method of working. And now following up with some ink work.

Here are some of the results.