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Sassoon Gallery, Folkstone Kent

November 2016 a series of large scale (A1 and A2) cut paper works at Sassoon Gallery, Folkstone Kent featured three artists, Fiona Scott-Wilson plus a British artist and a Spanish artist. The Unity of Europe is broken. It is important to remember the Union of peace and cooperation.

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Hedge Hogs and Tulips

I am often asked to create cut paper works for people’s pets, or gifts for loved ones that I may not have thought of creating myself.  For example Hedgehogs was a commission for a lady who wanted her favourite little animal surrounded by yellow tulips to match her curtains and decor.

If you would like to see your idea in cut paper feel free to get in touch for a chat. Your ideas may even contribute to future works or you can commission me.

Email me with photos of your pet, house, boat, product or whatever image you would like.