David Burley Gallery Exhibition

Some of the Visitors comments on the David Burley Gallery  Exhibition……

“Matisse would have been proud of you for using the cut out coloured paper technique. Good composition, imaginative, lovely.”davidburleygallery

“I’ve never seen cut paper work before and it was a very beautiful craft. The textures apparent on the cats and the bird designs were excellent”.

“Amazing – high quality work, wish more high quality and talented artists exhibit in future. Really astounded by current exhibition.” Both unique and talented artists”.

“Excellent art, very original” “Delightful work, colourful and vibrant”

“One of the best exhibitions I have seen. Very high standard of work.”

“I really hope both artist’s get the credit and recognition they deserve for putting on such a great show here”

I am delighted to say that the overall rating of the exhibition was 1 -Very good (the top rating).